The Best Pet Grooming Vacuum Attachment 2024

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Grooming is just one of the messy responsibilities we take on when we adopt a pet. While it’s nice taking them to a groomer, we can’t always afford or don’t always have the time. Moreover, sometimes we just need to touch up their coat in between their grooming treatments.

We’ve tested a lot of vacuum attachments out there but few of them are actually worth it. On this list, we’ve put together our five favorites!

Our Top 5 – Quick Overview

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1. Penn-Plax VacGroom Kit

Penn-Plax VacGroom Pet Grooming Vacuum Attachment Kit

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This kit is one of our favorite pet grooming products because of its versatility. It comes with a hose, vacuum head attachment, three combs, and a grooming tool for the combs.

Furthermore, the hose is 46″ long and allows you to remove fur from hard to reach places like those in your car. You can also leave your vacuum a safe distance from your pet if the noise disturbs them. One of our favorite features is its multiple combs. You can change them out if you have several pets with different types of coats or use them according to the time of year when your pet’s coat might be thinner or thicker.

We like that kit comes with several accessories, which is great for those with more than one pet or a pet with a thick coat. However, some may find it has too many parts to keep up with.


  • Cleans pets and upholstery
  • Removes fleas, ticks, fur, and dander
  • Compatible with most vacuums
  • Adjustable combs to customize grooming


  • Multiple pieces could get lost

2. Keepow Groom Tool for Dyson Vacuums

KEEPOW Groom Tool Dog Pet Cleaning Brush for Dyson V7, V8, V10 Animal Cleaner

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The Keepow tool made our list because it offers numerous benefits with minimal disadvantages. With flexible bristles, you can remove excess fur from both the overcoat and undercoat. As a result, you’ll have fewer clumps of fur on your carpet, furniture, and in your car.

One of our favorite features of this vacuum attachment is that it is a simple but effective device. It has no actual mechanics. Instead, you attach it to a compatible Dyson vacuum and brush your pet like you would with a regular grooming brush. The Dyson Groom removes the fur and your vacuum collects it.

The Dyson Groom is ideal for anyone with a pet who already has a Dyson Vacuum or plans to get a Dyson Vacuum in the near future.


  • Grooms medium and long hair pets
  • Special bristles for grooming
  • Collects fur masses before shedding
  • Removes dirt and dander


  • Not compatible with non-Dyson vacuums

3. FURminator Vacuum Accessory + Deshedding Tool

FURminator Professional Pet Products FurVac Vacuum Accessory

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This is actually two products, but the combination creates one impressive pet grooming tool. Not to mention, they are both relatively inexpensive. The FURminator Vacuum Accessory attaches to the Deshedding Tool, combining a shedding edge tool with suction to remove hair without a mess.

Furthermore, the Deshedding Tool (click here to find it) has options for small, medium, and large pets as well as pets with long or short hair. It also has a guard on it, so the metal teeth do not harm your pet’s skin. The attachment comes with two removable heads and two separate attachments, allowing you to adjust it to fit your vacuum and the Deshedding Tool.

The biggest disadvantage is that you have to buy both products in order to gain all the benefits. You could use the Deshedding Tool by itself, but you would have to dispose of your pet’s fur. That said, the benefits of both products outweigh this minor inconvenience.


  • Protection guard
  • Adjustable vacuum accessory
  • Intended for extra-large pets
  • Compatible with most vacuums


  • Both products needed for optimal performance

4. Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hairbrush

Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair Brush Grooming Mites Killing Pet Hair Vacuum Tools Nozzle Attachment Tool for Dog Teddy cat

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The Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hairbrush is an excellent option for someone who has a pet with a thin to medium thickness coat. It’s also a great choice if your pet has an aversion to the brushes with harder bristles. Its bristles are much softer than some of the other pet grooming products on our list.

With this vacuum attachment, you get a plastic barrier so you can adjust the depth of the bristles according to your pet’s coat and needs. This pet groomer will fit only vacuums with a 1-1/4″ inner diameter, so be sure to measure your vacuum attachment before you purchase it.


  • Soft bristles for sensitive pets
  • Adjustable brush


  • Not compatible with all vacuum

5. Shop-Vac 9190400

Shop-Vac 9190400 1.1/4-Inch Dog Grooming Tool

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The Shop-Vac 9190400 is an excellent option if you want something easy to use and have a vacuum with a 1-1/4″ inner diameter. We also like that the attachment has numerous attachments and accessories you can purchase separately, allowing you to customize your approach to grooming. The Shop-Vac is also compatible with Shop-Vac vacuums, which may provide stronger suction for pets with thicker fur.

Furthermore, you can groom your pet whether they’re wet or dry. This is a great feature if you prefer to groom your pet right after a bath, and it’s also a good tool for the times when your pet comes in the house messy.


  • Compatible with most vacuums
  • Cleans wet coats
  • Simple design


  • Not ideal for thick fur


Penn-Plax VacGroom Kit




Grooming Quality


Ease of use


Price / Value



  • All in one solution
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal price point
  • Very popular attachment


  • Doesn't fit ALL types of vacuums

The Penn-Plax made the top of our list because we feel you get the best bang for your buck with it, unless you have a Dyson (the Keepow tool is you best bet then). It can be used on pets with different types of coats.

However, we understand that one product won’t fit every pet’s needs. As a result, the other four pet grooming attachments on our list are excellent options if they fit your needs better.

Cat & Dog Vacuum Attachment Tips

Does your pet have a heavy or light coat?

Choosing the right pet grooming products depends greatly on whether your pet has a heavy or light coat. If your pet has a heavy coat, you’ll need brushes with thick bristles that reach deep into your pet’s coat and extract loose fur. However, you could damage your pet’s skin if they have a thin or short coat.

What kind of features and accessories would you like?

Some of the vacuum attachments on our list come with multiple accessories, so you can tailor your grooming to you and your pets needs. Other products on our list are simpler for those who do not want to keep up with several pieces.

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