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Hello, friend!

Having no less than 3 dogs and 4 cats, we know what it’s like to have pet hair cleaning on the agenda!

The idea for this website came about during a “woman’s night”, where we had a discussion on ways to get pet hair out of carpets. Everybody talked about their favorite vacuum cleaner, rakes, tricks, and whatnot. When our good friend Mary said she never had a vacuum that worked for this task, we started thinking. During the next weekend, we ended up testing all our different devices against each other. It was silly but fun and resulted in the idea for this blog!

Our goal for this place was to go out there and test vacuums and other types of pet hair removal products. With the ad revenue made from this blog, we buy more products and do more testing, building this out into a big resource for everyone from pet owners for pet owners. In the future, we may also review automatic robots and general vacuums.


Jill & Allen Marino, and Friends

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