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We liked the previous Shark APEX a lot in our tests, so I was thrilled to check out the new APEX AZ1002 DuoClean with Zero M and find out what’s different between the two models. The APEX AZ1002 is Shark’s most powerful upright vacuum cleaner and it’s one of the most powerful bagless models on the market.

This new model has an impressive suction at 101 inches of water lift and an outstanding 90 CFM airflow. Both of which are higher than any vacuum I’ve come across, and higher than the previous APEX model even though they both have a 1,350-watt motor.

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  • Sturdy & easy to use (also on stairs)
  • Strong suction when the bin is full
  • LED lights
  • Very good filtration
  • Rubber covered grips


  • Dust bin could be bigger
  • Dust tends to cling to the plastic bin
  • Feels a little heavy at 16 lbs
  • Wheels are plastic, can feel a little cheap

The APEX AZ1002 comes with Shark’s innovative DuoClean technology. It has LED lights on the floor nozzle and the handle. It also comes with noise reduction technology making it one of the quietest vacuums I’ve ever used. Add active glide technology and this is an easy to use model.

This vacuum is great for those with allergies as it comes with a completely sealed system with HEPA filtration. It’s a powered lift away vacuum, meaning it can easily change to a handheld unit from an upright unit. The power lift away mode drastically reduces the vacuum weight so you can reach those tricky areas without straining.

Shark Apex AZ1002 Upright Features

The APEX AZ1002 model includes the amazing lift away technology I mentioned earlier. It’s got a large capacity so you can vacuum your stairs, car, drapes, furniture, upholstery, ceiling fans, really anything, all in one go. The DuoClean Brush roll is powered so it works with just the canister alone. But that Brush roll is great for areas like upholstery, stairs, cars, and pet hair removal. Shark’s active glide technology is included in this model. That means you’ll have no trouble moving over any surface without losing any suction.

To aid in pet hair removal, the AZ1002 comes with the Pet Tool. It also includes a 12-inch crevice tool, a pet multi-tool, and a deep cleaning motorized pet tool.

DuoClean Technology

Shark is known for really fine-tuning DuoClean Technology. Many of their units have it and the AZ1002 is no different.

DuoClean combines a soft roller and a standard brush roller on the same cleaner head. It picks up everything and anything on any type of surface. Whether it’s carpet or hard floors, It is able to get up everything. The APEX AZ1002 has really shined when testing out what exactly it’ll pick up. So far nothing has been able to slow this powerhouse down.

DuoClean not only suggests that it can go on any surface, but it also means that it can pick up messes big and small. The soft roller is precise and amazing for picking up fine dust similar to the Animal Ball 2 by Dyson. The soft roller can handle getting the large debris too, especially on hard floors. If you have hard floors (whether it’s wood or tile), you really need a vacuum with a soft roller. Most of us have a variety of floor types in our homes, so having DuoClean means you don’t need two vacuums to do the same job. Just flip the switch on the AZ1002 and your vacuum goes from hard floors to either low or high pile carpet setting. What that means is it reduces the suction and speeds up the brush roll to give your carpets a thorough cleaning.

Zero M Technology for Pet Hair

Zero M technology is the best for pet hair pickup. Zero M means zero maintenance. It has completely redesigned the brush tool to add little protrusions on the top of the nozzle. Those protrusion are killer at removing pet hair that tries to wrap itself around the brush. The APEX has made it high on our pet hair top list for a reason.

No hair wrapped around the brush means you’ll never have to set aside time to dig and cut out all the hair that gets trapped. Nothing gets left behind with Zero M technology.

Other Changes

There are a few small changes from the previous APEX to this newest version. There’s a small increase in power. The hose construction is a bit sturdy than the last model.  It has upgraded wheels that went from felt covered plastic to sturdy rubber wheels. The plastic ones would suffer from wear and needed to be replaced, but the rubber one is tougher and should last the lifetime of the vacuum.

The attachment set can vary a bit, but my vacuum came with a crevice tool, a combo upholstery tool dusting brush, an anti-allergen brush and a flexible under appliance wand.

There are some cons to the APEX AZ1002. Being the most powerful Shark vacuum it is also the heaviest at 16 pounds, but using it in lift-away mode (weighing at about 8 pounds)  makes it much lighter and easier to carry.

However, lightweight can also be a bad thing. While the lift away mode works great on hard floors and carpets, it’s almost too light. What I mean is the DuoClean roller pulls itself forward which takes more effort to push back. Using the AZ1002 in lift-away mode means you have to expend more effort to pull it back because of how light it is. A minor thing, but it could get really tedious if you are using the AZ1002 in the lift-away mode for carpets. My suggestion: use lift away when vacuuming hard floors, and use the upright vacuum when cleaning carpets.

Final Words

The weight of the model could be an issue for some, but overall this is a great purchase. Shark has included its DuoClean technology and added Zero-M to the APEX AZ1002. The first makes cleaning any surface a breeze to clean while the Zero M reduces the time spent cleaning the brush tools.

We like the upgraded wheels and the sealed HEPA filters, but the wheels are plastic and can feel a little cheap sometimes. This vacuum has noise reduction technology, making it one of the quietest units in the Shark lineup. The AZ1002 DuoClean with Zero M should make a great addition to any home, with or without pets.

Shark AZ1002 Apex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum with DuoClean & Self-Cleaning Brushroll, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool & Pet Power Brush, for a Deep Clean on & Above Floors, Espresso
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Shark AZ1002 Apex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum with DuoClean & Self-Cleaning Brushroll, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool & Pet Power Brush, for a Deep Clean on & Above Floors, Espresso
  • SELF-CLEANING BRUSHROLL: The vacuum that deep-cleans now cleans itself. Engineered for more pet hair pickup with no hair wrap (vs. Shark bristle nozzles).
  • DUOCLEAN TECHNOLOGY: Dual-brushroll system deep-cleans carpets and directly engages floors for a polished look.
  • POWERED LIFT-AWAY: Detachable pod for motorized cleaning under furniture or detach the nozzle to clean above the floor, on upholstery, furniture, stairs and more.
  • ANTI-ALLERGEN COMPLETE SEAL: Works with HEPA filter to trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner.
  • NOISE REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: Expertly tuned to reduce noise and soften pitch.
  • ACTIVE GLIDE TECHNOLOGY: Smooth maneuverability on hard floors and carpets while maintaining powerful suction.

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