How To Get Dog & Cat Hair Off Clothes Without A Lint Roller

Having a pet is simply wonderful. You are always in company at home, have someone to cuddle with, and get an incredible amount of love whenever you need it. The only disadvantage: your furry companions doesn’t spare your clothes or home with their hair. And since pet hair sticks really well to textile surfaces, it is not so easy to remove without a lint roller.

Below are our 9 best methods that help you to remove animal hair more easily!

Prevent pet hair from the start

Pet Hair GlovesOf course, you cannot stop the hair of your four-legged friend from flying around everywhere. But you can take a simple and effective countermeasure to limit the annoyance.

The most effective and all cheapest measure is to fight animal hair at the source before it can spread. You do this by brushing your pet regularly, ideally using a pair of shedding gloves. It’s a lot of fun, prevents “hair pollution”, and your pet will also like it!

Cats, in particular, lose their winter coat in spring and their summer coat in the fall. You will find the largest number of hairs at that time. Therefore, you would be wise to support your cat in the transition phases, so that hair is not distributed all over the place and less hair gets into your cat’s stomach.

Our 9 Tips

1. Rubber gloves

No matter what you do to prevent it, many pet hairs still find their way onto our sofas, armchairs, and clothes. If possible, you should first clean them with a vacuum cleaner to remove the coarse hair. You can then use rubber gloves for the finer hair. Disposable gloves work very well.  You moisten them slightly and then go with circular movements over the area you wish to clean (similar to a carpet cleaning). The rubber gets the hair out so that you can vacuum it afterward without any problems.

We recommend that you bet on reputable manufacturers. With cheap gloves, the material dissolves due to the heat generated by friction. In addition, many cheap gloves leave a chemical smell behind, which only disappears after about a day. The greatest effect can be achieved with pimples and an anti-slip profile.

2. Wool dryer balls!

Wool Dryer Balls to remove pet hair without a lint rollerSee those dumplings on the right? Those are wool dryer balls and tens of thousands of people are swearing on them on Amazon.

These soft little helpers lessen wrinkles, shorten the drying time, and collect pet hair during the drying cycle. This means it won’t end up on your clothes or collect in the guts of your dryer!

A friend of mine turned us on to these wool balls. She has 4 dogs and 3 cats, most of them with a light fur color. They deposit fur in masses all over her clothes pretty much every day. When she started using these wool balls, she noticed a stark decrease in hair both within the dryer and on her clothes.

These suckers are pet hair magnets, rolling around the dryer and collecting whatever they come in touch with. We have been using them ever since we heard of them.

3. Use a dishtowel

Like the rubber gloves, you can also use a dishtowel to remove pet hair without a lint roller. Simply wet it, wring it out well and rub it in one direction over the clothes (or whatever else). You can remove a lot of pet hair this way.

4. Washing machine with pet hair removal program

Dog hair on couch without lint rollerRemove cat hair without extra time. Many manufacturers have finally discovered and tackled the problem with cat hair. Some manufacturers equip their washing machines with an extra pet hair washing program. This special process works very reliably and reduces animal hair adhering to clothes by up to 70%.

The pet hair removal function can be used with almost all programs. Usually, it has an extra rinse cycle with cold water, which filters out the pet hair so it ends up in the drain.

Some manufacturers have added an extra coordinated drum movement to make the rinse even more effective. You cannot remove all pet hair with this method, but you have to deal with much less.

And if you use the wool dryer balls above, they can get rid of most of the remaining hair during the drying cycle. This gives you 2 stages of pet hair removal just from washing and drying your clothes.

5. Window squeegee

If you don’t have a lint roller, you can also use a simple window squeegee. The easiest way is to spread out your clothes on a table and use the squeegee on them. You can also use this for sofas and other large surfaces (like carpets), though it won’t collect hair in crevices.  Since squeegees have a rather large rubber lip, you can work on a relatively large area quite quickly.

6. Use adhesive tape as a homemade lint roller

Lint rollers are indispensable for pet owners. But instead of always buying you a new one, you can simply use tape. Use as wide an adhesive tape as possible – this will make your work easier. Wrap it around your hand with the adhesive side facing out, press it onto the area to be cleaned and then pull it off again. This works at least as well as a lint roller.

7. Nylon stockings

Remove cat hair without lint rollerNylon stockings have the unbelievably annoying characteristic of sticking to the smallest unevenness and then pulling running meshes. We now use this disadvantage for ourselves, because animal hair also gets caught on the fine material.

So grab a pair of tights that you were going to throw away anyway – because they can’t be cleaned afterward. Pull it over your hand and take it over the affected textiles. Then you can dispose of it along with your pet’s hair.

8. Vinegar and water

This method costs virtually nothing and is very easy and effective! Put some lukewarm water in a bowl, add a splash of vinegar, and wet your hand with it. then simply rub out the dog hair with your fingers.

9. Use a balloon

If you happen to be at a party and have dog hair on you, see if there are any balloons around. The static electricity of a balloon sucks the hair right off of textiles and makes them stick to it.  Of course, you can also do that at home in the unlikely event that you have nothing else in this list at your disposal.

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